Volfram expander

Number of custom, non-serial auxiliary devices

part of the "system"

expander #1


expander #2

expander #3 "Dronika" read about >>>

expander #4 "ДокBox"

custom made for Dok Gregory from ZGT
vtol volfram expander synth

expander #5

custom made for Nordvargr

- CV controlled resistor

- GATE controlled switch

- circuit bent Buddha Machine with FM input

- number of switchers, LFOs and attenuators

vtol volfram expander


- Buddha Machine with diffrent FM modulation sources >>>

- Volfram controlled by Doepfer a117 and a147 via CV and GATE inputes on Volfram Expander (+Volte-Face as random CV generator for a147) 

expander #6 "DRUЖILKA"

- 2 GATE inputs

- 2 CV inputs
- 3 LFOs with different wave-forms and ranges
vtol volfram expander



- Volfram controlled by MFB Kraftzwerg via Ex. #6 >>>

- Volfram controlled by Doepfer Dark Energy via Ex.#6 

expander #7 "FELIXINHRON"


Volfram expander with audio reactivity circuit (4 envelope followers
based on the low, band and hi pass filters) and audio to clock extractor + 3 LFOs with different waves and ranges

custom for zobro

vtol volfram expander


- Volfram controlled by drum machine and LFOs via Ex. #7 >>>

- Volfram and Corvax controlled by 
drum machine via Ex.#7 and hEX (synchronized by clock extracted from audio signal) >>>

expander #8
Expander with 3 CV controlled resistors and 2 Gate controlled switchers

vtol volfram expander


- Volfram controlled by eurorack modular via Ex#8 >>>

expander #9
Same as 5 but with one sampler unit instead of Buddha Machine

vtol volfram


- Robo II controlled by eurorack modular via Ex#9 >>>

expander #10

vtol volfram

expander #11

same as 5

expander #12

vtol volfram

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