Robo II "ASAM"


ASAM - Audio Synthetic Artifact Manager. Modular version of my Robo Synth. Ultimate source of anti music - drone madness and radio beating, pitch-shifter and digital distortion... All futures of old Robo + modular banana routing options and external control capabilities.

part of the "system"

general features:

 - 4 main sound modes 

 - feedback oscillation

 - triple morphing modulator

 - pitch control

 - theremin mode

 - analog oscillation and "drone" mode


video demos:

1. Feedback oscillation

Theremin and radio noise mode >>>

3. "low-noise" mode

beating through Sonora as step and manual filter >>>

Feedback controlled by triple morphing modulator >>>

"Robot talk" >>>

7 Crispy artifacts/analog oscillation

8. Jam with Volfram, Astat and Volte-Face 

Check also demos for original Robo Synth

7 were made

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