Volфram is semi-modular noise synthesizer and fx-proccesor based on digital 8-bit echo chip Ht-8970.

part of 
the "system"

It can be used as flexible delay/reverb processor, fuzz and complex noise/glitch/drone generator. All these fx-capabilitys can be mixed and controlled with much flexibility.

First prototype was designated especially for experimental band from Israel - SEVENTEEN MIGS OF SPRING.

Check out the demos but believe me they show only 20% of volфram PoWeR.

PDF manual

47 were made

::demo:: ::demo:: ::+guitar:: ::corvax+volram::

::robot sounds:: ::astat + volfram:: ::volfram X4::

::astat+volfram:: ::a+v2:: ::astat+volfram:: ::a+v4::

::astat + volfram:: ::astat + volfram:: ::corvax+volram::

Volte-Face + Sonora + Volfram >>>

audio samples:

<1> <2> <3> <4> <5>

special "experimental" version


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