::vtol:: tv404 is a glitch video synth specially designed to be assembled at workshops. The project is based on the conceptual principles of the "aesthetics of error" and is an example of an interactive glitch object as video images are produced on the basis of optical distortions, errors in data transmission and noise at all layers, which results in interesting and never-repetitive results.

vtol tv404

tv404 is a small electronic device in a plastic enclosure with modular structure and a patchbay. It connects to your computer via USB, allowing you to record the results or use it as a live instrument for VJing and live visual performances. It does not require any special drivers for your computer. The device is equipped with a lens with a wide range of focus, a special lamp and a square wave generator. The synth is controlled via a mechanical matrix (a banana plug patchbay) on the face plate. In fact, the device is an optical-electronic glitch-station for experiments with visual images.

vtol tv404 synth

The length of the workshop is 6-8 hours. The opening part is a tour in the history of video synthesis, DIY culture and circuit bending, followed by description of the principles of operation and control of tv404. Each participant will have a kit with all parts and components, tools and space needed to create the synthesizer. The device requires soldering of electronic components. The participants without a prior experience will be assisted through the process with guaranteed results. The workshop premiere took place at "Platforma", as a part  of the festival "Podgotovlennye Sredy 2013" (Moscow, Russia).