Noise Stick


perfect machine made by groundupfx

Seller's description -

"This is a 100% analog synth…..a beauty to behold and a quality build to match….this joystick-synth utilizes a square wave and produces a tonal range from deep lows to earsplitting highs…….it basically boils down to four independent, selectable notes (up, down, left, right), and the diagonal positions are the sum note of their adjacent selections……overall this will produce up to eight notes, for all eight directions (up, down, left, right, right/down, left/down, up/left, right/up)…….awesome functions, which allow for professional compositions……

Here is the hardware…..four alpha potentiometers (slow turn for precise tuning), four unique vintage styled knobs with aluminum inserts, one alps chrome toggle switch, one GREEN LED, one rugged joystick with a beautiful feel and response….the joystick has an ABS plastic shaft cap and a solid chrome shaft (quality!)…..all solid steel control plates, which have been hand painted ORANGE, a solid, select pine chassis which has been brad nailed/glued/puttied on all joints and a dark walnut, hand rubbed finish….smoooooth!...... super sturdy construction/design and when you feel the weight you’ll understand….tough as nails!

So whether you plan on adding some backing notes to your latest work or decide to go nuts and run the joystick 360 degrees for that CPU melt down sound…..this synth has you covered…."



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