Dual DSP, 4 channel module. Can be used as FX processor and standalone sound generator (programed or feedback based).

part of the "system"

Each DSP has 7 internal programs (bank_1):

 - chorus-reverb

 - flange-­reverb

 - tremolo-­reverb

 - pitch shift

 - echo

 - Reverb 1

 - Reverb 2

8 more custom programs can be added to each DSP with external EEPROM (bank_2). Custom programs, such as random noise generators, granulators, DCO, etc. will be available later on EEPROM chips (easy to add - no soldering will be required). By installing two custom EEPROM chips three different banks of programs can be stored inside, with any two available simultaneously.

- 3 pots with modulation inputs for each DSP

- External processor clock input on each DSP (any logic level clock source)

- 1 square wave high frequency generator for DSP clock modulation

- 2 banks: internal (7 programs) and EEPROM (8 programs)

- 4 inputs/4 outputs

Depending on the program various combinations can be achieved:

mono in > mono out x4
mono in > stereo out x2
stereo in > stereo out x2

So up to 4 individual FX programs can be connected in series.

audio samples (with Robo II and Volfram):

clean >>>






reverb 1

reverb 2